Birthday Parties 



Now offering Birthday Parties


Please call for availability!

        Party times can be booked anytime Monday through Saturday between 12pm and 4pm! They are for approximately 1.5 - 2 hours feel free to stay longer and enjoy our Train, Checker Game and Patio space!


Party needs to be booked 2 week in advance.

We do not book parties on Sundays.

Party Size & Price



Minimum 8

Maximum 30

Price per child $14.50


Deposit on Party 

8 Kids Deposit of $75 

8-20 Kids Deposit of $125

20-30 Kids Deposit of $225


If you need to cancel Summer Scoops needs to be notified 24 hours before for a full deposit refund

Party Package...


  • Birthday Child picks out 5 flavors of ice cream and 5 candy toppings that everyone gets to share. Includes fountain drinks. (coke, diet coke, orange, sprike, rootbeer, lemonade)

  • Everyone gets a small waffle bowl of ice cream and chose out of the five flavors available. Includes 1 topping of either Hot Fudge, Butterscotch, Marshmallow, Peanut Butter Sauce. Cans of whipped cream are supplied.

  • We will reserve a picnic table for your party. It will be all set up before you arrive. It includes a table cloth, Balloons and a game! (pin the cherry on the sundae)

  • Birthday Child gets a goody bag of a Summer Scoops water bottle filled with candy and a frisbee. If the party is over 20 kids, birthday child gets a FREE Summer Scoops T-Shirt! 

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2010 - present